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The cares

For piercing around the mouth:
labret, madonna, medusa, cheeks, etc. …

First of all, you must know that the cares written on this sheet are only related to the tongue (or labret, lip) piercing. Applying them on another part of the body would be without any effect. The piercing is placed in the most mobile part of the tongue. The tongue being a very muscled organ, it will react really hard during several days after the piercing. It is going to swell, during three to five days, it depends on the people, but this is a normal reaction.

Make mouth baths, with Corsodyl or Hextril -pure-, two times a day , in the morning and in the evening. Rinse your mouth with a diluted solution (50% product - 50% water) after each time that you have had, in your mouth, something else than water (food, drink, and also cigarette).

During the first 48 hours, try to suck the much you can on ice blocks. It prevents your tongue to swell too much.

During the first two days, avoid talking too much! When you speak, the jewel inside your tongue moves and irritates your new piercing, what will cause your throat to ache, like in the beginning of a flu.

The first times (during approximately two weeks), avoid any irritating things, like : spicy food, alcohol, hot drinks, cigarettes. Avoid also “complicated” food (difficult to chew, hard).Prefer mashed potatoes, rice, soup, …

Completely forbidden during two weeks : hard drugs ! Danger of death by suffocation!

No oral contact during the whole healing process (2-4 weeks), so no sexual contact, and no flirt!

In case of very slow healing, apply 3 drops of Listérine on the scars of the piercing, leave for one or two minutes, then rinse thoroughly with classical mouthwash. Be carefull with Listèrine, don’t use too much of it, as it’s quite irritating.

Don’t play with your jewel! Don’t pull on it.

For lip, labret:

Internal part:

  • follow the instructions for the tongue piercing.

External part has to be treated like another piercing:

  • the first week, apply the cream we gave you, two times a day, in the morning after your shower, that you take only with a Ph neutral soap (no moisturizing, or perfumed soap), and in the evening after a bath applied locally on the piercing zone, bath made of boiled salted water (make one cup of water boil with one teaspoon of see salt in it, and use it when still hot). The second and third week, don’t put cream any more, but apply, always two times a day, Cédium or Diaseptyl, or Dermaspray.
  • After 4 weeks, a shorter jewel can be placed.

Don’t twist the jewel, don’t remove it, don’t play with it.