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First of all ARKEL is a quality reception for questions appropriated to your needs: piercing is a personal deed that needs to be respected and accompanied.

The relationship of confidence between the customer and the piercer is prior; the awareness of the hygienic aptitude and the moral sanity towards piercing of the customer; the choice of the jewel in function of the morphology of the chosen body part and the aesthetic criteria of the person, the explanations of the care to take to its new ornament and the hygienic conditions in respect to a fast and good healing.

ARKEL gives an aftercare-booklet and adequate products with the first appointment, and responds to all your related questions; in order to place the jewel in a serene atmosphere.

You can always pass by during the phase of healing to have a control of the healing process, or to replace the first jewel by the final one.

Our team will guide and advice you with a vast choice of jewelry for all body parts.

The collection of jewelery is composed with the classics in body-piercing ( rings and bars for the first piercing) as well as a large category of "fantasy & fashion" jewelry , and gold 18 K jewelry.