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Tattoo removal

After serious analyses and long reflections, we decided to offer you , tattoo removal by laser.

The reason for this decision is to give the opportunity to our customers with desires to remove traces from the past, or a bad quality tattoo, or to be able to recover an old tattoo with a new one of professional quality. That’s why our choice is the new generation of Q-switch lasers.

This is a pigment laser that permits to clear out or even erase a tattoo by destroying the pigment itself.

Two members of our staff followed a formation specialized in the technique of tattoo-removing in Luxembourg.

How does it works ?

The laser produces short intense light pulses which go trough the upper layers of the skin, to be absorbed only by the ink pigments of the tattoo. The energy of the laser provoke a fragmentation of the pigments into small particles which are then eliminated by the body ,being phagocyted and then expelled by the lymphatic system. The pigment leaves by that way the organism.

Each color prossess its own different frequency and requires an appropriated light setting, to improve the erasing of the ink embedded in the skin. The laser strictly points the pigments of the tattoo with no damage for the surrounding skin cells or natural pigmentation of the skin.

Can all tattoos be removed ?

NO ! Because some color pigments such as white, yellow and green can’t be removed completely.

But most of these colors can be thinned out enough to be covered by a new improved tattoo.

On the other hand, the laser is very performing for black, brown and blue pigments. The darker the pigment the more efficient the laser's action will be.

So we can consider that tattoos which will react best to the treatment are dark tattoos; old ones and the "home made".

The tattoo-remover can propose to test part of a tattoo, if he thinks that it will be a difficult tattoo to remove.

How much time does it take ?

It is very difficult to estimate how many sequences will be necessary for it depends on different factors: the size, the emplacement, the pigments, the deepness of the tattoo and the immunity of the person. A small "home made" tattoo will take only three to four sequences; through a big professional realization requires ten or more sequences.

The ink will have to be taken away layer by layer, and it’s important not to go too fast or deep the first time because otherwise the skin can be injured even more and provoke scars. Also you have to take care not to expose the treated zone to the sun, or UV light.

The final removal of a tattoo requires several sequences spaced in time of at least two months for the ink to be able to be totally absorbed by your organism.

So, it’s important to be patient !