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The cares

Cares for genital piercings

Wash the piercing twice a day:

Morning: take a shower (no bath ) with a p-h balanced soap (like Sanex, Dove, Sunlight,…) and rince it thoroughly . Don’t use a flannel !

Evening: Take a cup of water with a teaspoon of seasalt, make it boil (so the solution is sterilized ), then wait until it is still warm but not too much, and let your pierced area “swim” for 10 minutes.

Wear clean cotton underwear during the healing period (no synthetic, no rubber,..)

Avoid tugging, pulling and other brutalities to your new piercing.

Please avoid oral and sexual contact until the area is well healed (2 or 4 first weeks ) due to the fact that viruses, bacteria and germs can be passed through an open wound , and for security, use a condom the 2 next weeks (if it seems healed )

During 2 or 4 weeks, no swimming pool, no hot-tubs, no solarium, no bath (just shower)

Don’t be afraid of your urine; it is sterile and so your piercing will be cleaned by yourself

Recreational drugs, stress, and lack of sleep do affect the body’s healing process.

In case of slow healing, do twice a day a bath (cooked water) with Clonazone antiseptic (chemist).

For lady: you may wear a pantyliner the first days to avoid irritation

For man: (PA, Ampallang, Apadravya, Dydoe, Frenum) keep your foreskin retracted with a medical tape or a cotton and a rubber ring (so you let it “breathe” !)

Avoid spicy food during at least two weeks

Inner parts: see here below - External parts: see general cares